Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday: Beet It

Beet bechamel with polenta smothered in garlicky beet greens.

This meal was almost entirely local - everything down to milk, butter and cornmeal, except for a quarter cup of non-local flour. It was, however, entirely delicious. We didn't add any butter or cheese to the polenta, but the cornmeal (which we got at the Union Square market) had so much flavor that it needed no accompaniment.

For you beet lovers out there, some more experimentation with our new camera:

Beet texture close-up:

Lizz notes that she never used to eat her parents' polenta as a child. Sorry about that.

The beets were boiled, peeled, and then sliced and baked in a bechamel sauce. After about 40 minutes, the beet flavor and color had infused the entire dish.

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