Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fool me once...fool can't get fooled again!

Redcurrant and yellow cherry fool.

A fool is (or so we have just learned) a classic British dessert, in which a fruit puree is mixed with some combination of sugar and cream/yogurt/egg whites. The recipe we followed called only for cream and yogurt, in addition to the fruit.

This was unbelievably good, in no small part because of the excellent cream (Ronnybrook Farm) and yogurt (Milk Thistle Farm) that we used. It really does make a difference.

red currants, pre-topping and tailing

As Giselle was beating the cream with some sugar, we were remarking in amazement at the increased volume and stiffness of the mixture. Then, it occurred to us that we were making the exotic substance known as "whipped cream." We are apparently still so alienated from the means of production that we did not realize what were making until we had made it.

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