Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday: Quiche Ambition

Pea shoot and garlic cheddar quiche with homemade crust.

Our fridge is currently stuffed with CSA eggs, and so a quiche seemed like a logical way to use some of them. A quiche is actually less work than you might think - with the exception of the crust, which is definitely as much work as you might think. In the past, we've (stop reading, Dad/Charles) actually purchased pre-made crusts to make quiche a quicker and easier weeknight meal, but tonight we decided to make everything from scratch.

We follow the basic quiche recipe in How to Cook Everything, and for the crust we used the suggested "Generous Pie Shell" recipe. It was indeed generous...with respect to butter, that is. Although the result was definitely better than a store-bought crust, I think we might have to try a less overwhelmingly buttery recipe next time.

Here's the crust before the addition of filling. Note the lovely scalloped edges, courtesy of Giselle:

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