Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday: Peas, love, harmony

Yin (macaroni and cheese) and yang (peas).

Not much new to say about this meal - faithful readers will have seen it a few times before - but for your viewing pleasure, we have resorted to playing with our food.


  1. With what sorts of cheese do you connaisseuses dress your mac?

  2. We typically use cheddar or closely-related cheeses, although I imagine you could explore more of cheese-space if you wanted. You can also use a mix of two or three kinds.

    First, you need something that melts reasonably well. This is essentially a Mornay sauce (see Wikipedia), and so you could try incorporating the traditional Gruyere or Emmental. I'm not sure about Parmesan, although it might work in a blend of other cheeses.

    Since this recipe is completely dependent on the quality of the cheese that you use, however, I would say to go for the best cheese that you can reasonably get your hands on - whether that's cheddar or something else. This particular mac was made with cheddar from Millport dairy, which I had picked up earlier that day at the greenmarket.

    Let us know if you hit on any particularly delectable cheese combination!