Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday: Stew Night

Saffron-cod stew with 7-grain toast.

We were looking for a recipe to replicate the fish stews that we enjoyed at Portuguese restaurants when were living in the Cambridge/Somerville area, and we found this take on the classic cod-and-potatoes combination. Unlike New England-style chowder, this stew contains no dairy. Instead, it is flavored with saffron, garlic, and onion. We didn't have leeks, prawns, or parsley, and we substituted homemade veggie stock for the fish stock.

Although this stew was pleasant and comforting, it wasn't as similar to those Portuguese stews as we had been hoping. The saffron flavor was perhaps a bit too subtle - we would definitely increase the quantity of saffron if we were to make this recipe again.

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