Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yet more uses for summer squash

Usually there is a point at the end of the summer at which zucchini plants completely overrun the garden and overproduce their veggies, and everyone in the family gets sick of eating summer squash for dinner and desperately tries to give it away to neighbors. In any case, I recall that generally happening when I was growing up. Given our small New York apartment we don't have a garden nor the problem of overproducing zucchinis, but in honor of this summer tradition we decided to buy a bunch extra and make some good old-fashioned zucchini bread.

I imagine you can make this with other kinds of summer squashes, though I haven't ever tried - basically all quickbreads just call for adding a cup of grated, squeezed squash to the regular ingredients. This adds flavor and also moisture to the bread. You can make carrot bread, apple bread, and others in the same way.

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