Sunday, September 20, 2009

D4SA Dhaba

Sunday night dinner: Aloo chaat.

Chaat is a category of Indian "snack" food that has many different variations. It typically includes cooked potato and chickpea (usually black or green chickpea, though we used normal ones today), a yogurt sauce, a tamarind sauce, cilantro, and various spices which generally include cayenne and black salt. In India, it's a street food - but here you can find it at some small Indian sweet shops. If you're in Boston, we recommend the chaat at the cafe in the back of Shalimar in Central Square; in New York, Rajbhog Sweets in Jackson Heights is a good bet.

The chaat we made basically followed the above formula, though we also threw in some chopped heirloom tomatoes for seasonal flavor. Yummmm.

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