Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday lunch: Micro-coddled squash

Micro-coddled Pattypan squash with leftover eggplant salad with sesame dressing and baba ghanoush; yellow carrot sticks for dipping.

We had a few too many summer squashes, so we decided to reserve the two mini-Pattypans. Luckily we found this ridiculously cute recipe to use them in. First the Pattypans are cooked in the microwave until the flesh is tender enough to scoop out. Then a few slices of cheese are placed in the hollow, and an egg is cracked in. The squashes go back into the microwave for a few minutes, just until the egg white is solid.

We don't use our microwave for much except making tea, so this recipe was uncharacteristic for us, but it worked well. We've heard that some people make scrambled eggs in the microwave, so maybe that shouldn't have been a surprise...

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