Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday: Mustard Night

Spicy gingered mustard greens, tofu sauteed with soy sauce and garlic scapes, and brown rice.

Garlic scapes, the green shoots of young garlic bulbs, have to be removed to enable the bulbs to continue growing. Scapes look a bit like curly scallions, but they have a definite garlic flavor. They can be substituted for garlic in stir fries, salads, and other dishes. We had been slowly working our way through a pound of scapes that we bought several weeks ago, which held up admirably:

As for the mustard greens: we bought the curly-leafed variety, which is a beautiful bright green in color. This is one of our favorite preparations for this type of mustard green. Grated ginger and carrot (we used yellow and purple, as you can see below) are sauteed in sesame oil and then the greens are wilted along with sesame seeds. Finally, a honey-miso-rice vinegar-soy sauce paste is added and everything is tossed together.

Here's the mise-en-scène:

Dramatic sesame seed close-up:

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