Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farmer's Market Supplement, 1/21/10

Although there's not much in the way of fresh veggies left, a few of the city greenmarkets remain open year-round. And even though we rely heavily on our winter CSAs at this time of year, we still supplement with items from the Morningside market. (It's usually not worth it to make the long trip down to Union Square.) You can get local eggs, milk and other dairy products, bread, dry goods, and apples - plus the occasional vegetable dug out of a root cellar.

kabocha squash


spelt bread from Meredith's Bakery
whole wheat sourdough bread from Buon Pane
half white flour from Cayuga Pure Organics
buckwheat honey

The half white flour from Cayuga Pure Organics is a mix of their white and whole wheat flour. It's a medium protein bread flour which is apparently known as "brown flour" in Europe.

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